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Buddying up

It’s really easy to invite someone to be your buddy. Just go to the Buddies page in the app and you’ll see a big orange ‘Invite your first buddy’ button. Tap it and the ‘share’ function on your phone opens up. From there you can go in to WhatsApp, messages, email etc, select the person you want to invite and they will be sent a link to download buddyboost. When they download the app and register, the next thing they’ll see is a request to accept your invitation.

From the Buddy up page, you can send up to 5 invitations. Once you have sent your first invitation, the Buddy up page turns into your ‘Buddies’ group. If it doesn’t, pull down the app to refresh.

Invited buddies
Leaving a group and joining a new one

It’s possible that you may receive an invitation to join a different buddy group from the one you are already in. As you can only be a member of one group at a time, you’ll have to decide if you want to accept the new invitation and leave your existing group or decline the new invitation and stay where you are.

It’s also possible that you may decide you want to leave your existing group without having received a new invitation. If you want to do this, then click on the 3 ‘breadcrumbs’ at the top right of the Buddies screen & you will have the option to leave the group.

Top-tips – being a good buddy
  • Upload a photo into your profile; it’s more fun that way
  • Boost your buddies: you will be notified when your buddies have done their 26 minutes and the Buddies page also shows you what activity they’ve done. Tap their picture to send them a little boost
  • Post to your buddy feed: inspire your buddies by posting a message or photo of you getting your buddyboost minutes done. And don’t forget to encourage them by boosting or responding to their posts too.
If you are still having problems buddying-up then you can email us on support@buddyboost.co.uk and we will try to help you.

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