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What sort of activity to do and where to do it

There’s loads of advice on-line about how to stay active. Sport England’s website is a great place to start and they have compiled lots of tips and resources, which you can access by clicking on the logo below: 

The activity grid in the buddyboost app includes everything you’d expect to see, such as running, cycling, walking and aerobics, so it’s easy to keep track of what you’ve been doing.

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If you’re bored of doing circuits or going for a run, and you want to be happy, try dancing! Our data shows this is the activity that reports the highest happiness scores. To help you, check out the buddyboost playlists on Spotify and get dancing. And if you’re not feeling shy, post some photos or video on our @buddyboost26 social feeds.
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Even taking a brisk walk, ideally one that gets your heart beating a bit faster, is really good for physical and mental health. Walking can release endorphins which improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress and it also stimulates parts of the brain which promote creativity. Don’t just take our word for it though – take a look at this link from the Ramblers Association.

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For those of you lucky enough to have a garden, doing some hard work that gets the heart pumping and works out a range of muscles is an excellent way to not only get the benefits of exercise, it can really help improve mood and reduce anxiety or stress.
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If you can’t see an icon for the exercise you’ve then simply tap Other instead. However, if you think we’ve missed out a really important activity (Morris dancing?) then let us know at support@buddyboost.co.uk and if there’s enough demand, we can always include it in the next version of the app.

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